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Tie & Dye Fabric Pouch

Tie & Dye Fabric Pouch

Textile Designing

Tie & Dye Fabric Pouch

Tie & Dye Fabric Pouch

Tie & Dye

Tie & Dye Fabric Pouch

Tie & dye is one of the oldest yet attractive way of fabric dying. In the past people dye their fabric with natural dye colors like onion, spinich, beetroot, leaves and branches in different colors. With the passage of time now people use chemical dyes for coloring the fabric. Tie and dye is a very interesting technique of coloring the fabric. Today I am going to share one of my tie and dye creation.

Making handmade pouch & handbags with different textile design techniques and ideas is simply interesting. I made this Tie & dye fabric pouch with the sample of my tie & dye paper work pieces. First, I dye the simple fabric in tie & dye technique & later I sew it with foamic sheet lining. It’s looking simple and pretty. Here you can see some antique beads for embellishment of front side.

Tie & Dye Fabric Pouch

Fabric Pouch

The other side of the pouch is done with marble technique of tie & dye! Now it looks pretty and nice! A sample work is used in a good way! Isn’t it?

What do you think, isn’t it looking well? I hope you will enjoy this tie & dye fabric pouch. If you have any question or suggestion, let me know please.

Thank you!


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