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Dough Jewelry Box

ceramic dough jewelry making


Dough Jewelry Box

I always like to do recycling…refashioning is more its my another effort..but i cant share the complete tutorial pictures…because I made this jewelry box a few months back..with in 20 was really fun… actually this was an empty plastic box of candies. I convert it into jewelry box
So check it out…

 Dough Jewelry Box

ceramic dough jewelry making

ceramic dough jewelry box making 

These are the both sides of the box…

First of all i paste thin foaming sheet on it…then paste the fabric on it..

And after that i take some laces and paste along with its sides…

The box is ready now….

Then i Paint on it...

I use silver fabric paint ..with the help of paint brush…so its not looking bad after make over…
I have added my handmade Dough jewelry in it…i made this dough jewelry last year..but its damaging now…i don’t know why…may be because of weather effect..but now its safe in the box.
ceramic dough jewelry making

ceramic dough jewelry making

This is my favorite Ring…Although its big but whenever its in my finger everyone it handmade?how you made it?really these little flowers are handmade?
so i feel nice to say …yap its my handmade creation…

but the other request is always amazing when someone says…make another one for me please..!!!.

ceramic dough jewelry making

ceramic dough jewelry making

These hair clips are damaging…i think dough is getting old may be that’s why…!!!
I hope you will enjoy my another handmade effort…

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Have a nice day...

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