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DIY Organizer to declutter your fashion accessories

fashion accessories organizing tips for girls


DIY Organizer to declutter your fashion accessories

I was watching a video on Facebook few days back in which a lady tried living a minimalist lifestyle. These days I am under an influence of that clutter free lifestyle. The more stuff we own, the most we need to organize, right? I am inspired by minimalist lifestyle theory but honestly it’s not easy especially for desi lifestyle folks. I tried to declutter and organize some of my fashion accessories which I mostly use while going to the university. I hope you will enjoy my DIY Organizer which I designed to declutter some of my fashion accessories. Have a look,

DIY Organizer to de-clutter your fashion accessories

fashion accessories organizing tips for girls

If you are following me on my social media networks, you might remember this box which I received as PR package on independence day. The box have a cute map of  Pakistan, that’s why I was keeping it. Inside the box there was velvet foam lining as well to keep goodies protected from damage & scratches.

So I thought why not to reuse this box & organize some little accessory stuff inside.

fashion accessories organizing tips for girls

This is my DIY organizer. I only designed the outer side of the box and put some of my fashion accessories inside. Super easy & quick DIY to clear the clutter. See tutorial below:

fashion accessories organizing tips for girls

As I have so many craft goodies and accessories, so I am always looking for DIY storage ideas and DIY life hacks on Pinterest. For designing this box, I just applied some glitter washi tapes on the box where some text was written along with the logo of brand. I covered that part with washi tapes. I also used some colorful rhinestones to give it a charming look as it contains fashion accessories inside.

First I tried to cover the front side of the box with a scrapbook sheet but I really like the colorful map of Pakistan which I don’t want to hide. So I decided to use some tapes instead on the sides of map. Just a 5 minutes craft and organizing tip which will save your time everyday while searching for accessories in the drawer.

DIY Organizer to declutter your fashion accessories

You can lso have a look at my previous organizing hacks and DIY ides.

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There are so many ideas and hacks for an organized daily lifestyle. All you need to do is just a little bit art in your mind. Art of recycling-reusing & recreating things from ordinary used things! Be sure to check my Recycling ideas & tutorials. I hope you will enjoy these easy hacks for an organized daily life. (Thank me later may be? winks*)

Stay organized & have a great weekend!

Khadija ~

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