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Are You Inspired?

Thanks Allah (God) there was rain,hail n storm last evening & now the weather is fine,i am ready & relax for my upcoming Tuesday & Wednesday studies & test,otherwise i was just out of order due to warm weather..!!!

In my last post i write about a blog feature,so Today I am going to introduce a cute blog,Decked Out in Ruffles
Vicki is a student, & a creative girl, she started blogging almost one year back..but she ignore her blog mostly because of her studies.i was her first follower & we are connected from almost one year..writing each other, sharing n enjoying..
Actually she was inspired by some of my posts & now she have done cute things with her effort,i like her version more then my own!!
So now,
Meet my friend Victoria (Vicki)

Now first of all  check her “Inspired by Creative Mind”  post;


I hope you will check her other posts, m sure you will enjoy her work,so show your love to her by following her blog & writing sweet comments..
Once she said the most interesting thing to me;Khadija you’re kind of like a ghost on the internet….but that’s ok. its very mysterious!!” smartly she said because My face is not anywhere on the world wide web,so she is conscious about this!!hmmm ..wait Vicki,there will be a cute ghosty girl on the web soon!!!hmmm

Now there is an open offer for you too..if you want to be featured on “Creative Mind”

If you are among those people who are inspired by my tutorials & blog work, & you want to be featured on Creative write to me & share your inspired post with me,i will definitely love to feature your work.
so feel free to write me at;

[email protected]

Now m going back to stuck my head with my healthy books :) i have to study about lots of terms like phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, morphemes, morphology etc..& so many other chapters ..umm lengthy :(

Bye for now

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