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Have You Faced Wisdom Teeth Pain…?

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Have You Faced Wisdom Teeth Pain…?

I am writing this post late night from my iPhone & the reason of writing this post was my sleepless night, its about 2am & I am not sleeping,Because,,,
This morning when I wake up,I saw my right side of face/jaw having some swelling!I thought may be its just feeling but after a few hours I start feeling pain in my jaw & toothi,,,
The same teeth which usually enter into your mouth at this age(between 15-25)but I am below15 *(*

Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom Teeth Pain


Yes!! The Wisdom Teeth :(

My Wisdom teeth pain is disturbing me a lot right now,it was not much in day time but now (late night)its increasing!
What to do now—-
first I plan to visit dentist in morning..
what to do right now for a relaxed sleep?

I am having WORLD in my hand,so why not to do something for some betterment!


I start googling for the urgent & home made remedy for my wisdom teeth pain!
after googling a little I got so many easy peasy tips for its remedy,
(you must have a look at this page if you are going to face any teeth pain)

There are a number of herbal and home remedies that can help manage tooth pain, but these do not always work on all people.  If you prefer not to take drugs or other types of medication to handle pain, some of these options may help:
Peppermint leaves:  Dried peppermint leaves placed around the tooth for 15 minutes at least 10 times per day can help reduce pain and brings the abscess up closer to the upper surface of the gums.
Ice:   Sucking on ice cubes or holding an ice pack firmly against the gum line will help to numb the area and provide temporary relief from pain.  Ice can also help reduce any throbbing or persistent pain you experience near your temples or forehead.
Garlic and salt:  A popular folk remedy for treating toothache is a garlic and salt rub that is placed directly on the tooth.  Cut a fresh clove of garlic into large pieces and top it with rock salt; then, chew the garlic and salt ‘pack’ for a few minutes.  The garlic and salt act as an antiseptic and can also make the teeth stronger.
Gentle massage:  Massaging the gums lightly can help increase blood circulation to the area and promote healing.  However, too much pressure may trigger an inflammation response so avoid this technique if the gums are swollen or sore.
Black tea:  Black tea has astringent properties that can help flush out the gum tissues and reduce swelling.  Applying a warm black tea bag to the area may soothe the area and provide temporary pain relief.

What I have done & I feel Much better without any cry..!
-1- first I gargle with salt mixed water,I take two glasses of warm water! & during gargle I feel better!
-2- I take a few mint leaves(I found fresh leaves in fridge)& fix those between both jaws(on teeth)
-3- After a few minutes (15/20) I take black tea,don’t drink so hot,warm temperature!
-4- I was feeling pain in my one eye too,so I simply start massage on that side..
-5- The last remedy was a medicine which is usually for any normal type of headache(Panadol)so it was the last step!!

Now I am feeling relaxed & writing a post about this pain,I wish everybody stay happy,healthy & relaxed without any I thought to share this if anybody is having any type of pain!! You must take some help via Google for home remedies..
The also got some knowledge via ehow ,

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