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Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

glitter shine bling coin box


Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

Coin Banks are among one of the fun memories of my childhood, in fact I was not much into the savings stuff but I only like dropping coins into coin bank..& more likely ejecting them back with many tricky solutions..hehe,  I bet many of you will be doing the same in their childhood era.. well Are you in a habit of saving money? if yes, then my today’s post is PERFECT for all of you who want to save their amount in a SAFE & SOUND place.. Ahem.. And this will be the Perfect coin lets see how I come up with today’s post.. collect all your coins for adding in this bling n shimmer coin bank..

Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

glitter coin bank coin box

Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

Isn’t it cute? wanna see its before image? let’s see..

coin bank glitter

Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

Yep, its made of clay.. a handmade clay pot..pretty simple but cute..

glitter ornaments diy

Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

So the fun fact revealed here..its a miniature coin bank, its size is not more than a couple inches..

For making this fun shimmer coin will need to have any glitter glue & soft brush with some rhinestones for the embellishment.follow the simple steps above.. first I dip this pot into the water so it gets smooth surface.I use 3 coats of glitter glue for this much shine & shimmer. when the first will be dry then repeat & at the end you can sand it with zero sand the end paste the stones over it.

coins rupee coin bank

Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

Help me in adding these coins into it.. I promise I will share some with you if you will be helping.. hehe

glitter shine bling coin box

Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

Now I will be saving more money.. yeah!!

Well, now back to serious mood.. its a fun if you will be crafting with kids.. you can shimmer any of real big sized coin bank & your kids will be enjoying making & decorating their boxes & will also encourage them for savings..

tea coffee mug

Here it is my new bone china Mug.. but excuse me again..!! Miniature..

mug miniature

Coin Bank Shimmery Refashion

Too small..actually its my phone accessory but made of bone china so its not safe for my my iPhone screen..I don’t have phone screen protector these days..that’s why I avoid these kind of accessories which can leave scratches on my phone screen.

I hope you enjoyed my post & now you can get some ideas for crafting with glitter & miniature stuff. have a great day!

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