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Jewelry Organizer Box Decoupage

jewelry storage ideas


Jewelry Organizer Box Decoupage

I have a heap of artificial jewelry but protecting their metal color from getting fade and saving the beads/rhinestones from falling is not an easy job sometimes. I notice a few of beads were messed up together.. so I pack all those jewelry sets and earrings/rings etc in separate plastic packets, so they can be saved from any mess.. well I keep all these at a safe place in a tin box.. its a fun Reuse & upcycling as well..

Jewelry Organizer Box Decoupage

jewelry organizer decoupage

Jewelry Organizer Box Decoupage

I decoupage it with foil sheet & its having a new look totally!

jewelry organizer decoupage tutorial

Jewelry Organizer Box Decoupage

You will need to have a Box, piece of thin foil sheet (which is usually used in covering baking tray).. scissor & glue..

foil sheet crafts

First I made a texture of crush over at plain foil sheet, see how I did it..

jewelry box organizer tutorial

Jewelry Organizer Box Decoupage

Carefully make it round & press a little, then more carefully open it. if you will be opening quickly, you will may be torn it.. then place it over the box lid & cut along according to its size. I left a little space because the red color combination was not bad with silver. then glue the box lid & paste the sheet carefully.

foil sheet arts crafts

Jewelry Organizer Box Decoupage

the other strips for pasting at sides of the box.

jewelry storage ideas

Let it dry & its DONE..

pakistani jewelry

Jewelry Organizer Box Decoupage

See how I packed all in small transparent packets..

creative khadija

These are a few big rings with stones..

big size rings

And this ring is gifted by my 5 years old cousin.. he was with his mother while she was shopping & there he request her to bought it for me because he saw me wearing big sized rings. so sweet of my little baby cousin.. I think kids can only enjoy toys shopping for themselves but it seems sweet that  rings at shop reminds him about Me.. aww.. lovely!

Oh yeah..if you think the box is a bit simple, you can give me ideas on how I can embellish its lid..

Another one Decoupaged jewelry box from archives

Thank you, Have a Nice day!

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