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Pakistani Footballs in FIFA Worldcup 2014

fifa football pakistan


Pakistani Footballs in FIFA Worldcup 2014

World is having a fun fever of Football World cup these days..Are you also among those who are suffering?? hehe..But do you know from where the FOOTBALLS coming ?? who manufacture these beautiful & perfect footballs for the world? Answer is not something difficult.. it’s my country PAKISTAN who manufacture these footballs for the world-cup from many years.. This year “The Brazuka” is also made by very talented & skilled makers from the city of Sialkot, Pakistan. YAYY!!

Sialkot is a small city in eastern Pakistan, was once the unassailable soccer ball production capital of the world — but now world can see they are exporting about 30 million balls a year, an estimated 40 percent of global production, even our neighbors like China & India are still unable to catch up..

Pakistani Footballs in FIFA Worldcup 2014

fifa football pakistan

fifa football pakistan

Football is not yet a super popular game in Pakistan, we people are badly in love with our Cricket game..we have been world champions of cricket. so the football is not yet getting the fame here! Pakistan’s football team rank is 159th because of this. here few youngsters enjoys watching the football match on TV only.. that’s it..

This is known that when World Cup’s Chinese supplier Adidas failed to keep up with the demand of soccer balls in Rio de Janeiro, ‘Express Tribune’ said that a Sialkot ball manufacturing company then stepped in and got the contract.” How awesome is this!

fifa world cup football from pakistan

fifa world cup football from pakistan

Factory owner Khwaja Akhtar is a world known, He has made balls for the German Bundesliga, French league and the Champions League, He is now very excited with the challenge of being a part of World Cup soccer history. He said “The people were chanting all around me. I just thought, this is the real thing. I was part of the crowd. I never had that kind of feeling before”

The Brazuca features a striking new design and new panel system. Six identical interlocking panels make up the ball’s synthetic surface, thermally bonded to keep out moisture.

Among the hundred thousands wonderful things about my awesome country, this one is popular & appreciated by the world these days! And it always makes me proud of my wonderful country! According to the international print & social media stuff, Pakistan is usually known as not a progressive or peaceful land, which is totally condemnable thing, Pakistan is all about Talent & Struggle.

We have talented people in every field of life, They make us proud everyday at worldwide forums. Here students are breaking world records in O-Levels, A-levels & at so many others platforms. we are working hard for changing the stereotype mindset of some people in this world who think we are Average.. NO.. We are NOT! we are doing our best to survive peacefully & successfully in this world.. As we are a part of this World Nation!

So I will request the World to see the brighter side of the picture instead of the dark. I am a proud Pakistani & I am happy to be here..! I am very successful & have enjoyed a lot being here, I have got popularity just because I am from an Asian country..from a small country Pakistan..if I will be in any big country, may be I will not be having this much success/popularity.. who knows..? but see today if I am something Alhamdulillah.. just because of my country. Be Patriot.. Be Proud.. Be successful being Pakistani..

I hope you will be enjoying this random (for you may be..) but very special (for Me) post of today!

Have a wonderful Day!

Khadija ~

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