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Pill Organiser Wallet I Made With Felt Fabric

how to organize pills in a wallet DIY

Felt Fabric Crafts

Pill Organiser Wallet I Made With Felt Fabric

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a good day! Today I have no tutorial but an idea for making something useful. I recently made something for my mother which she don’t like much. Strange? no, it’s okay. Sometimes she dislikes my crafts while mostly She really appreciates. One of my most recent handmade creation is a pill organiser which I made for her with felt and netting fabric. Today I am going to share that organiser(without it’s making or tutorial) with you. Have a look and let me know how I can use it somehow?

Pill Organizer Wallet I Made With Felt Fabric

how to organize pills in a wallet DIY

I made this pill organizer for my mother who keeps her medicine-tablets strips in a little acrylic box. She is not having good health and daily she takes more than a dozen tablets. Sometimes she gets confuse about taking her tablet on time. Purpose behind making this pill organizer with partitions is, to keep her medicine according to parts of the day. I thought this will help her in managing her drugs at one place.


Card sheet, Felt fabric, Zigzag scissors, Hot-glue gun, Paper cutter, Buttons.

how to organize pills in a wallet DIY

Making of this pill organizer wallet:

First of all I cut two pieces of the card sheet which is known as packing sheet. I cut them 6″ x 10″ in size.

I paint these brown card sheets with red acrylic paint.

I cut similar size felt fabric sheets for outer cover and then an inch smaller felt fabric cut out for inside.

With the help of glue gun, First I paste the felt fabric sheet on outer side and then netting sheet in the inner side.

I made netting pockets for keeping the tablets strips inside.

Pasted a felt fabric strip in the middle of outer cover. There are pearls and a button on the felt strip too.

As I was not suppose to share this on my blog, so I didn’t click any picture while making this pill organizer wallet.

how to organize pills in a wallet DIY

As my mother is not going to have this for her tablets strips, so I have this pill wallet extra now. I want your suggestions how I can use it. I am not sure how to keep it, what I should be carrying in this organizer or it’s okay giving it away to someone who might keep it?

how to organize pills in a wallet DIY

There are 4 pockets for keeping tablet strips, I use netting fabric because it’s easy to have a look at them.

how to organize pills in a wallet DIY

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Looking forward to make more felt fabric crafts and creative ideas for my dear readers! Feel free to share your feedback about this pill organizer wallet as well as the previous ones. Happy creating and crafting.

Have a great day!


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  1. Divya N

    March 26, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    I think that it is a great idea to make a wallet for pills. But I would suggest fabric cover over felt, net and the aluminum of the meds together can make the tablet hotter and cause it to melt. You can use it to keep all sorts of things – business cards, stickers, coupons, even swatch cards of different fabrics/ trims or paints

    • Creative Khadija

      March 27, 2018 at 1:24 pm

      Hi Divya, this sounds well to me, I will sure make a fabric cover too.
      This is actually better for paper thingies as you said business cards, coupons etc! Good idea :) Fabric trims or laces can also be saved in it, Good idea Divya ;)

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