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Hello September 2015

hello september-fall is here

Creative Khadija Photography

Hello September 2015

Hello September 2015

hello september-fall is here

hello September-fall is here

Say Hello & a very warm welcome to September 2015! Are you ready to enjoy the upcoming fall season?

I captured this dry leaf during rain! Cloudy weather is too good for photography! Mostly people prefer capturing when sunlight is full bright(even me too sometimes), But I guess a cloudy weather gives more exposure to your photography clicks.. well it depends on the product or the object we are capturing!

hello september-fall is here

hello September-fall

I always enjoy capturing images of natural objects like flowers, plants, leaves & fruits etc.. This one is also my favorite one captured in a cloudy evening! not bad I guess!

hello september-fall is here

hello september

A red rose bud! My all time favorite click! You may notice all these clicks at my social media networks already! I share these on & off. let me know if you get bored..hehe

hello september-fall is here

creative khadija published again

August 2015 went awesome for me, As this was the month of Independence of Pakistan, I was happy to be published nationwide weekly magazine’s special edition of Independence day! You know what was special for me the weekly MAG? My work and blog was published there! As you know I share some crafts related independence day of Pakistan. So those accessories were published along with my blog review!

hello september-fall is here

creative khadija in the MAG Weekly

I’ve made & shared these above Glitter bangles/ Chevron pendant & Coin Earrings on the blog in past years of blogging. I am glad my readers always enjoyed my Independence Day Crafts!


hello September-fall is here

Guess who is there? My little cute nieces <3

I tried my best to paint their cute faces with Pakistani flag, BUT.. they refused & I have to paint their cute tiny hands. Believe me I tried  to paint neatly but my little monsters are too active & naughty.  They hardly make it possible for me to paint a flag there.

peacock-feather-hello september-fall is here

fall is here

For the LOVE of peacock feathers! So cute! I am glad my neighbors send me some feathers of their peacocks.

snapchat creativekhadija

Snapchat app

Weather was humid and hectic at the start of August, but in the middle of August, it went nice with some beautiful rainy evenings & cool windy nights..

Did you get Snapchat in your phone? I recently installed & I am enjoying it. It’s really fun sharing random updates of work with your family & friends! If you are at SnapChat.. be sure to add me there :) CreativeKhadija


snapchat creative khadija

When it rains, I capture random shots of weather. I share some of these rainy updates at snapchat :)

Do you like rain? Well as I live in a warm & humid country, So I have to like rain during this hot weather.. haha.

I hope you will be having a great September as well as upcoming fall season! Wish you lots of fun & happiness! Stay successful & always live an optimistic life. Every season is filled with blessings.. So be sure to stay faithful & humble. God Almighty is planning something really awesome <3 Alhamdulillah.

I wish you all a successful life..

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Khadija ~

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