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How To Sell Your Jewelry Online For The Best Price


How To Sell Your Jewelry Online For The Best Price

The rise of the internet and online jewellery stores has made it easier for buyers and sellers from all over the world to do business together. This is great news when looking for a professional dealer that is interested in buying your precious jewellery for a fair price. Instead of having to travel long distances to find the right shop and buyer, the process can be as simple as using Google and browsing a number of websites to choose the candidate offering the best service and price. When selling your jewellery online there are a number of important aspects to consider that can make the experience positive for both parties.


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To ensure any transaction is trouble free it is important to deal with an experienced buyer with a solid reputation. Exchanging significant sums of money over the internet can be risky but researching to ensure the buyer is trustworthy and an established authority will help to minimize the risks. If the buyer has been conducting business from a brick and mortar location for a number of years, serves repeat customers who provide glowing feedback, and has all the right permits, licenses, and qualifications then you have a greater chance of being

satisfied with your selling experience. Depending on your item, finding specialists that will repair and remodel antique jewellery will ensure you yield a greater return on the sale.


It’s also a good sign if their business website looks professional, has a large range of jewellery on offer, and includes clear written policies explaining how they conduct transactions and resolve potential customer disputes. Most of all, if the store is easily contacted through a phone number that is promptly answered in a helpful and courteous manner, the chances of being happy with your transaction is greatly increased. Buying and selling jewellery online from offers such an experience of the highest quality.


In order to get an accurate valuation and the best price it is important to offer as much information as possible about your jewellery. People are tactile, visual, and use multiple senses. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words but being able to hold something and examine it up close from all angles is even better. It is a definite advantage for the seller to provide too much information rather than too little. This way the buyer has less unanswered questions and can base their valuation and offer on the weight of the facts, rather than assumptions.


Providing the right information and plenty of it will help the jewellery buyer come to a fair and accurate price. Offer any history you can share about your jewellery, particularly where and when it was purchased and copies of old receipts or previous valuations if you have them.

Take macro photographs that are super close up, particularly of any gems, settings, and markings imprinted on the piece and if possible make a short video that allows the jewellery to be seen from many angles. Display it next to something of common proportions such as a coin, to offer an accurate sense of the size. If you have access to a jewelers scale then weigh the piece and share this information with the buyer. Be sure to offer an exhaustive description and don’t skimp on the details.

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