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Wooden Box Design & Decoration Idea

how to decorate a small wooden box


Wooden Box Design & Decoration Idea

How to design and decorate a wooden box with decoupage technique and paper doilies

Hello my dear crafty fellows! I hope you are having a great start of the week. Weather in Pakistan is getting extremely cold these days. Today is a rainy day and I am working from my cozy couch right now :) One thing I must admit, as I work from home, so such weather makes me lazy! Though I am very active on social media networks but somehow unable to publish a new post on the Creative Khadija blog. I am sharing my recent DIY today, I have already shared it’s sneak peek on my Instagram @Creative_Mind_Khadija (You should follow me there right away for the regular updates) Today you will see a wooden box design and decoration idea which I recently crafted. I hope you will like it :)

how to decorate a small wooden box

As you know I like sharing easy crafts ideas on my blog, so this is also one of them. I bought this wooden box from a craft store nearby in 100 PKR which is less than one dollar. I had many ideas in my mind about decorating this small wooden box but I ended up a minimal and easy idea of decorating this small wooden box design.

Wooden Box Design & Decoration Idea

This decorated wooden box can be used as an organizer, a memory box or also can be a coin box as it has a lock hook too. I’ve still not decided if I am going to keep it as a jewellery organizer or the money box etc.

Let’s start working on this easy craft idea of a wooden box design!

Step 1:

As the box was not finely made, so first of all I used a sand paper to make the wooden smooth and fine.

Step 2:

I used white acrylic paint to cover the box with white paint. I have applied two coats of paint here.

Step 3:

I cute a round paper doily into four pieces for pasting on all four sides on the top of box lid. I used Mod Podge glue for decoupaging the the paper doily on the wooden box to design it.

Step 4:

Coat it with glue and quickly spread mini stars confetti on it. Remove extra confetti stars once half of them at least stick on the box.

Step 5:

Then keep decorating it with mini stones & glitter flowers. I pasted a butterfly rhinestones sticker here too but that’s hidden behind the glitter flowers now :)

Now put your fav goodies inside the box & it is a really good organizer now :)

Oh wait, let me tell you about this big resin ring which I recently bought. It suddenly grabbed my attention because it actually looks like the logo of my blog, isn’t it? these butterflies & shapes are similar to my blog logo which I have painted once on the wall of my craft studio. You can see it here.

Wooden Box Design & Decoration Idea

You can share this image on your Pinterest board if you are keeping any for crafts & DIYs collection.

I used to decorate and design boxes a lot, I hardly throw any such box which can be reused. You can also check my previous recycling & upcycling projects on my blog archives. I am sharing the links again so you can have a look there.

Let me know if you have tried decorating any box or jar with your unique skills. I would love to see your versions :)

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I hope you will find my ideas interesting and easy to craft. For climate change, we need to focus more or up-cycling & recycling used materials. Keep making art & have a great evening!

Happy Crafting!


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