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How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

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How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

Here are four simple tips to keep you healthy during the warmer months. Get ideas & tips on how to stay healthy during the summer season.

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How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

Are you looking to nourish your body and mind this summer? While many people set resolutions at the beginning of the year, the summer is a wonderful time to take stock of your progress and set some new goals. Here are four simple tips to keep you healthy during the warmer months. Get ideas & tips on how to stay healthy during the summer season.

How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

Increase Your Water Intake

How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

Drinking plenty of fluids is always important, but it’s even more vital during the summer. When the weather is warmer, we tend to sweat more, which means that we also need to replenish our hydration! Although recommendations can vary, many experts report that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink at least 75 ounces of water every day. Sufficient water intake is associated with reduced aches and pains, increased energy, improved digestion, and more. If you find plain water too bland, try adding lemon juice or slices of fresh fruit for more flavour!

You may want to consider getting IV treatment if you are having trouble reaching your daily hydration goals. An IV infusion can fully rehydrate your body in less than an hour.

Don’t Forget Your Mental Health

If you’re focused on staying healthy this summer, then it’s important to consider your mental health as well as your physical health! Meditation, daily exercise, and gratitude can all lift your spirits, but speaking with a professional is especially beneficial if you’ve been experiencing any kind of mental health issues. BetterHelp is a wonderful resource for mental health information, and it’s also an accessible online counselling platform.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Veggies

How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

Many fruits and vegetables are in season during the summer, so it’s a great opportunity to enjoy these nutrient-dense foods as snacks or part of your meals. Strawberries, nectarines, passion fruit, bell peppers, cucumber, and corn are all excellent choices. Try eating five or more servings of fruits and veggies every day to maximize the positive impact on your health.

Be More Active

Regular physical activity comes with amazing benefits, and you can start reaping those benefits today just by adding some movement to your routine! Exercise combats various health conditions, improves mood, boosts energy, and promotes better sleep. You don’t have to do an intense workout to enjoy these beneficial impacts, either. Walking, swimming, biking, dancing, hula hooping, and many other forms of movement can have a positive effect on your health.

Get Plenty of Vitamin D

How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

More than 40% of Americans don’t get enough Vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient for overall good health. Try taking a daily walk (don’t forget to apply sunscreen!) so that you can soak up some Vitamin D through the sun’s rays. Another option is to add fatty fish or fortified cereal to your diet.

Start Your Health Journey Today

Improving your health can begin with just a few simple changes. A couple more glasses of water, a few more servings of fruits and veggies, half an hour of movement, or a few sessions with a counsellor can add up and make a huge difference. We hope you have fun on your journey to stay healthy this summer!

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