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Hina Designs-Mehndi


Hina Designs-Mehndi

Hi Sweet Friends,
I am again going to share some more designs of Hinna..I am glad that you sweet friends admire my designs a lot..Well I make these designs a few days back,the weather was rainy.

Hina Designs-Mehndi

Hina Designs-Mehndi

Hina Designs-Mehndi

During nice weather & rain i make these designs on my hand..How FUNNN
Hina Designs-Mehndi

Hina Designs-Mehndi

After washing hands,its color was like this…Nice..?
Hina Designs-Mehndi

Hina Designs-Mehndi

Its the image of back side of my hand.i didnt like it much,so i wash hand early.. its color was very light so i didnt take picture after hand wash..
Hina Designs-Mehndi

Hina Designs-Mehndi

This time i was taking photos outside of my room,most of my pics are in my room lighting,i feel picture quality is much nice outside,although my cell phone is the same..!well i will try to take pics outside now!!

Hina Designs-Mehndi

Hina Designs-Mehndi

I saw these newest buds & branches of of plants in the backyard,so it was a very fine feeling to see the new season & lots of colors..i wish everybody enjoys every season of his life..
Some Tips

If you want to see dark colored hinna on your hands so there are somethings which matters a lot..

first,the newness of hinna paste cone,if you are using a cone which is expired or old,the quality will definitely disturbs.


After applying hinna,let it dry for maximum hours,mostly hinna is applied late night,so it stays for several hours,& the surprise thing is this,when you will wash your hand in morning,you will shout suddenly,Hey!!what a nice color..waooo


after hand wash apply any moisturizer,i apply Vaseline on my hands mostly..


And the most interesting tip is this…Dont dish wash for a few hours.detergents or soaps are color eaters..


One thing more i will share..
I was Guest a few days back on a blog of my sweet bloggy friend Laline. from Spain..there i have shared some of my hinna designs,
so visit To Sew With Love..& see some more designs there.I am sure you will like her blog & work also..

I hope you will enjoy the post & tips, these will help you in bringing the best result
Have a nice day..

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  1. hellopalz

    November 10, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    Oh..this is so cute! i love the design

  2. khadija

    April 28, 2012 at 3:17 am

    wow cool d.i.y arts and craft ideas.
    oh and my name is khadija lol i randomly typed my name into google and this poped up well i’m 13 and yeah i will be sugesting this site to my freinds …i wanna see there reactions lol

  3. khadija

    April 28, 2012 at 3:19 am

    wow cool and creative D.I.Y ideas.
    ph and my name is also khadija lol i randomly typed my name into google and this poped up, i’m gonna suggest this to all my freinds becuase they aklso klike arts and craft and i wanna there reaction

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