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Beaded Colorful Bracelet


Beaded Colorful Bracelet

This is another easy idea for a colorful beaded bracelet,
ONCE I make this beaded bracelet..i really feel that its extraordinary easy! Luckily there was my cell phone(Nokia not iPhone) around & i start taking pics step by step..
but be sure to ignore my hairy arms…haha
Ok lets see now!

Beaded Colorful Bracelet

Beaded Colorful Bracelet

Beaded Colorful Bracelet

What about this now,isnt it a colorful combination?i like its twists & turns :) yes!!
Beaded Colorful Bracelet

Beaded Colorful Bracelet

You will just need to have a few colorful beads,

a wire

& a nose pliers

& follow the simple steps above & below :)

———- Process ————

add the beads in a 10″ long wire piece,

then turn both sides to lock the beads in a wire!

then start twists & turns according to your beautiful arm
Beaded Colorful Bracelet

Beaded Colorful Bracelet

with the help of nose pliers, you will make its exact position for your arm !!
& then i add a tiny tussle at its one end !!
& thats it…
when you will place your bracelet at any surface the shape will look like above circle in circle!!!
oh yes again!!
During making of this bracelet & while playing with this beaded wire once i make a superb shape..hmmm..a colorful Heart…& a sweet heart…
isn’t it lovely??
Remember i have shared a news about winning a scissor holster  so i received the package
Okay Now! At this SUNDAY 2nd October,, i will deliver my final two lessons of teaching practice course in school! students will be my class fellows & there will be a panel of  supervisors, including vice principal & regional director etc..& i will deliver my lesson in front of all these people..very soon i will share my latest Visual boards, which i have done for my lesson! my topics are Recycling(science) & Welfare state(social studies)..i have done the model boards today!
so please pray for my best result!

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