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Dieting..?Nope-Avoiding :)

creative khadija photography

Creative Khadija Photography

Dieting..?Nope-Avoiding :)

It’s been long, I have stopped writing about myself & random stuff on my blog, I know many people who blog everyday & everything about their random daily life, & reading their posts is also fun! I was also writing my stuff on blog in the past but now as I am having a super busy life these days, So I skip writing articles of that kind.. Although I missed writing those kind of posts.. Now my blog is all about my Crafty Ideas & That’s it..


creative khadija photography

creative khadija photography

Today I thought to write a post about something fun! Ready?

Yep its really fun when you get to know something interesting about yourself from others..So I enjoyed..

My best friend was in Lahore for a month or so..when she came back here & we met a couple weeks back, She & Her sisters just surprised me by Telling that I started loosing my weight finally, (we were meeting after a couple months) it means MISSION SUCCESSFUL.. YAYYYYY..!!

Well They MADE my day.. haha.. Really! I were waiting for these words, as I were more careful about my diet these days..Yes I loose some weight & now I think its the perfect weight I should have!! I were not over-weighted already, but I always wish for a more smart body! So wishes are now starting getting true.. haha

So First I feel Great & super dooper HAPPY at this achievement! Then I tell my friend’s sister about my diet control etc.. She is  not loosing weight although She tried a lot. Well now I want to share my random rambling with you!

I Loose the weight with a tiny bit of effort & believe me it was not something difficult to try!

Here Are some useful tips by ME on how I reduce some weight…

1- I drink lots of water

2- I take green tea twice a day

3- I take salads with no salting

4- I eat vegetables more than meat/beef.

5- I take Fruits/fresh juices & skipped tea (I am not a tea lover already)

6- I do walk for about 20 minutes a day( But lazy me.. I did this after a couple days.. not daily..haha)


1- Soft drinks.

2- Fast foods .

3- Sugar & Sweets thingies.

4- Spicy & junk food in packing with preservatives.

5- Fried/oily food,…

The basic thing for working on all of these tips is your WILL POWER.. And I think I am very good about it..


I just avoid little things which can increase the weight if we will take these continuously!  So just Avoid,, Don’t Diet.. with a little effort you will be able to control your mind & then weight definitely..I never skip any meal..everything was as before but in limits & control.. (ahaaan.. I write a rhyme.. isn’t it.. haha)

I loose weight & I am happy being more smart now.. who dont want getting more smart? I know everyone love getting admiration by others according to this.. so its Fun! I hope the tips which are useful for me, can also be working well for you!

But the other thing in my mind now! as the Holy month of Ramadan is coming by next month, So WHO WILL BE AVOIDING EASILY?..?? haha.. (for those who dont know about the month of Ramadan, its the Holy month in which we Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset) Let’s see if I will be able to maintain this Avoiding routine.. I am NOT sure by the way! haha

Have a wonderful Day friends..

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