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Gift Packing Idea for Valentine’s Day

valentines day gift packing ideas tutorials


Gift Packing Idea for Valentine’s Day

Gift packing is an art, before giving someone a gift, the first priority is about it’s packing. As the Valentine’s Day is coming, so giving & getting gifts is obvious.. I can see many ideas everywhere at different blogs & social networks, So many ideas & beautiful gift packs.

I design a brown box with some red paper hearts & multicolor glitter just to make it well as a gift box. It was a plain brown box once I saw when my brother got any tech stuff in it & He was throwing it away, How I can allow him to do so? never.. here you can see what I have done with a plain brown packing box.

Gift Packing Idea for Valentine’s Day

valentines day gift packing ideas tutorials

valentines day gift packing ideas tutorials

I were going to gift some accessories to my friend, but I got those accessories in a ordinary cover which was not looking good. So I thought to put it in another box and then giveaway! There I found this box & thought to design it with the valentine’s day theme.

how-To make gift box

valentines day gift packing ideas tutorials-1

gift packing tutorial

You will need to have;

Brown Box

Red Paper

Mod Podge


How To Cut Paper Hearts:

Get any A4 size paper sheet, Fold it a few times & make a thick layered strip of one inch wide.

I cut the hearts shape freehand with a sharp scissors, but you may draw a shape on the folded strip. then start cutting from the closed size. You can check more details about heart shape cutting HERE

valentines day gift packing ideas tutorials-2

valentines day gift packing

Apply a thin layer of mod podge glitter on the surface of the box. then start pasting the paper hearts & punch dots on the surface, let it fix for 2 minutes and then again apply another coat of the mod podge glitter over it. I use the rubber spatula I got in the mod podge package once! my hands were safe this time from the glue & glitter.

valentines day gift packing ideas tutorials

valentines day gift packing with mod podge sparkle

It was very useful spatula for applying the glue over the surface neatly!

valentines day gift packing ideas tutorials-3

valentines day gift packing

Let it dry & its done! super easy & lovely! isn’t it?

valentines day gift packing ideas tutorials

valentines day gift packing

I hope my friend will be loving the gift as well as the packing! When I told her I design this box, She was surprised..That’s all for me..haha


You can get more gift packing ideas & tutorial at my blog!

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You can see my previous blog’s watermark at the above image, I were so badly in love with my that blog…I still miss how wonderful it was going few years back when I were doing all alone and smartly. there were thousands GFC followers, Thousands readers everyday and comments at every post in hundreds..but nothing lasts forever..Right!!

I hope you enjoyed my today’s idea of gift packing for a valentine! It’s fun having some lovely people in your life who always make you feel like you are special..I am so happily blessed with a great friends & family circle who are the BEST indeed..May God Almighty bless them all with lots of happiness & success!

Have a Lovely day!


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