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11+ Spring Inspired Craft Ideas By Creative Khadija

Spring Inspired Craft Ideas By Creative Khadija


11+ Spring Inspired Craft Ideas By Creative Khadija

Happy Spring 2018 everyone! I hope you are having a great start of the new season. I was looking at my blog archives few days back, I saw some of my spring inspired art and craft ideas from past years. I thought to re-share some of those for my new readers who have joined my blog this year. Would you like to see 11+ Spring Inspired Craft Ideas and Tutorials By Creative Khadija? I hope you will find this recap interesting! Have a look here:

Spring Inspired Craft Ideas By Creative Khadija

11+ Spring Inspired Craft Ideas By Creative Khadija

handmade dough flowers decoration ideas by creative khadija

Spring Inspired Dough Flowers Wall Art

Dough crafts arer always looking attractive and creative. This wall art I made with the theme of spring. Isn’t it so colorful?

How To Make Felt Fabric Flower In Two Minutes

Felt Flower Making Tutorial

Felt fabric flowers making is very interesting. I always enjoy trying different ways to make a flower. You can make a bunch of these flowers and decorate a spring wretah.

DIY Small Planter pot, DIY glassPaint Planter Pot

Glass Planter DIY

Planting greenry in your surrounding is always a good idea. In this tutorial you will see how to reuse an ordinary plain glass bottle for planting some indoor green plants in it.

Easy Way To Reuse and Recycle Cracked Glass Mug-Tutorial

You can plant any small vine or plant in this recycled planter as well.

Truck art inspired mirror border painting for spring home decore ideas creative

Mirror Border painted in Spring colors

You can spice up a plain and ordinary mirror’s border with a little bit of creativity. Here is the glass painting idea for giving a touch of spring look to your space.

how to decorate glass bottle with dough flowers & crafts

DIY dough flowers embellishment on the bottle

Some colorful buds of dough flowers on a silver bottle. This can be a good idea as well. Have a look and give it a try!

dough flowers basket making
dough flowers basket making

DIY Dough flowers making basket

Do you want to know how to make dough flowers? Here is a step by step tutorial. I hope you will find it interesting and useful.

spring plate decoupage
spring plate decoupage

Spring Plate Decoupage

This is one of my very first decoupage projects from early years of blogging. If you are a reader of my blog since long, you definitely remember this tutorial. Have a look again.
hand painted spring bottles

Hand painted spring inspired glass bottles Tutorial

These soft drink bottles were first enamel marble painted by me in black and white color(which turned grey-ish) Later I paint those in colorful acrylic paints. Check it’s tutorial and enjoy the DIY.

spring wreath making

Spring wreath making

Wreaths are always an interesting addition to your front door, right? I have decorated many wreaths in past and this one was specially for welcoming the Spring season.

DIY Wall art inspired by Peacock feathers
DIY Wall art inspired by Peacock feathers

DIY wall art inspired by peacock feather

Crafting in the colors of spring is a great way to decorate and welcome new season. I design this corner of my room with colorful glass pieces and in a shape of peacock feather, looks good?

spring inspired truck art wall painting DIY by Creative Khadija
Customized Wall Paintings

Spring Inspired Wall Painting – Creative Khadija Logo

This colorful painting on my wall is probably the most visible thing on my blog and social media networks. This turned into the logo of Creative Khadija Blog. It’s on my blog’s header, my all social media networks display picture and depicts the colors of Spring as well. I am glad I decided this painting to use as a logo for my online appearance. You can see the complete process of this wall painting as well.

Spring Inspired Craft Ideas By Creative Khadija

I hope you will like this mini roundup of my tutorials related Spring. Be sure to share this on your social media networks. Also, would you like to see more roundups of my crafts from previous years? I will try to share them in the future too.

Stay connected and happy Spring season everyone :)



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