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21 DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day This Year

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day This Year

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21 DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day This Year

If you are short on ideas for international Mother’s Day, I am sharing a list of 21 DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day This Year. These gifts are going to be amazing for moms as well as grannies.

Mother’s Day this year is going to be on the 9th of May. This is the day to let our beautiful moms and grannies know how special they are and how much they are loved. Whether it’s giving them gifts, spending time with them, paying them a surprise visit if you live far, or simply cooking their favorite food for them. Every little act specially done for the mamas is going to make them feel very happy and loved. If you are short on ideas for international Mother’s Day, I am sharing a list of 21 DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day This Year. These gifts are going to be amazing for moms as well as grannies. Continue reading for some awesome ideas.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day This Year

Therapeutic Mother’s Day Personalized Gifts

Giving gifts that prove to be useful for someone are the best gifts. Moms usually get tired with their busy routines and need therapeutic, as well as relaxing products to feel better. Whether it’s taking a bath with some relaxing bath salts or using a comforting food cream. Everything counts. You don’t have to spend a lot and buy from the shops. To easily create some yourself, store them in nice jars, and give them to all the special moms around you that can really use some therapeutic Mother’s Day personalized gifts.

You can create these aesthetically pleasing Homemade Lavender Bath Bombs with a simple list of ingredients. They look very pretty and will be amazing for a mom spa day. 

This yummilicious Honey Ginger Body Scrub is ideal for aging skin as it is soft on the skin yet scrubs the dead skin away. You can make it with ginger peel, honey, sea salt, avocado oil, and essential oil. Store it in a stylish jar to give as a gift for Mother’s Day.

The Silken Rose and Green Tea Lotion are made with amazing ingredients that leave the skin soft, as well as nourished. What can be a better gift for your mom than making her a batch of this lotion?

Does your mom experience sore feet with cracked heels? Make her this Easy Peppermint Foot Soak for international Mother’s Day. This foot soak has peppermint essential oil, Epsom salt, and dry milk that will not only soften her feet but will also instantly soothe the pain.

Lotion bars are great for moisturizing on the go. These Rose Lotion Bars are made with dried rose petal, rose water, cocoa butter, almond meal, and shea butter. Easy to make and easy to store, these lotion bars are the best gifts. 

This Milk and Honey Floral Bath Soak will make bath time relaxing, plus therapeutic for your mom. 

Gift Ideas for Kids for Mother’s Day This Year

Whether you are a teacher, aunt, older sibling, or a parent who wants to introduce the concept of Mother’s Day to kids. Starting with some gift-making for Mother’s Day is a smart move. Teach kids how it is an important day for moms and how a present will make her day special. What will be a better gift for a mom for Mother’s Day This Year than a present made by her loving child? Here are some DIY gift ideas for kids for Mother’s Day.

How lovely is this Paper Flowers Bouquet? For kids who know origami or kids with an interest in papercrafts, this will be the best present to make. Also, check out this easy Best Mother’s Day Handmade Card Making.

You can assist the kids to create this adorable Painted Rock Family Portrait. All you need to create this gift for Mother’s Day this year are some rocks, paint pens, acrylic paint, craft wood slice, and sealant pen.

How lovely is this DIY Painted Mother’s Day Flower Pot? The kids can paint it with their handprints and you can put some pretty flowers inside to give as a gift.

gift ideas for kids for mothers day this year pour paint coasters

Art with paint pouring is so easy that even kids can do it with little assistance. Help the kids create these DIY Paint Pour Coasters as personalized Mother’s Day gifts. 

For a mommy who loves sipping her morning coffee or tea. This Mother’s Day Handmade Sharpie Mug is the best gift. Let the kids use some sharpie markers on a white cup and express their art. After they are done, bake the cup in the oven for a while to seal the art from smudging or washing off. 

These Pressed Flowers Bookmarks are a recommended gift for moms who love to read. Easy to create, these bookmarks are an ideal craft for kids for Mother’s Day.

Excellent Food Presents for Moms

You can never go wrong with food gifts if you know exactly what the other person enjoys eating. For Mother’s Day this year, you can try different food gifts, ranging from arranging a special lunch out with mom to baking her some delicious cookies. If you are planning a special breakfast for your mom, check my article on Best Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Arrange a picnic for your mom and follow some easy Picnic Ideas to pack a picnic basket. You can add healthy options like fruit, salads, crackers, sandwiches, cheese, and other items to the picnic basket. Also, don’t forget to enjoy your day out with your mom.

food presents for moms donuts

These Edible Flower Donuts are too gorgeous to eat. However, they make such a thoughtful present for Mother’s Day for a mom with a sweet tooth.

If you live far from your mom, you can make a Breakfast Basket and send it to her with someecards Mother’s Day. This basket can be filled with coffee, pancake mix, fresh fruit, cookies, jam, and some fresh flowers. 

Aesthetic Gift Ideas for International Mother’s Day

If you are planning to go the extra mile and give your mom something aesthetically pleasing. You are going to love these gift ideas. If you have a creative side, these will be extra fun to craft. 

How mesmerizing is this DIY Mother’s Day Suncatcher? With some wire, beads, beading string, and pendant base you can easily create it.

Using a simple list of supplies like some oyster shells, gold acrylic paint, mod podge, and printed designs. You can create these very appealing Anthropologie Oyster Shell Trinket Dish for your mom. 

To achieve creating something as irresistible as this Pressed Flower Framed Art. You need flowers and greenery of your choice, an elegant frame, as well as a little effort.

With some faux flowers, white canvas, paint, and hot glue, you can create this fabulous 3D Flower Canvas Art.

Does your mom love to wear hats? Then for Mother’s Day this year, make her this Floral Sunhat. All you need for this hat is some hot glue, a hat of your choice, and a floral patch.

Using stencils, paint, and a plain tote bag, you can craft this Floral Tote Bag as one of the best Mother’s Day personalized gifts.

Note: A few of the images are sourced from Pinterest and the credit for the images goes to their respective owners.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day This Year

I hope you have a good time reading today’s article on 21 DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day This Year. Let me know in the comments what are you planning for your mom? If you have any other fun ideas to share, let me know. For more ideas, check my article on Mother’s Day Gift Photo Frame. Also, follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on my latest blog posts.

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