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DIY Bangle with Beads

Hello friends,
I Have dozens of glass bangles, although i dont like wearing bangles & bracelets but i Love to collect different sets..i have many bangle sets,in every color & with every look,like embellished beads,sequins,antique look & many other..well talking about plain glass bangles which are not expensive like others,a few days back i saw my bangles stand & i notice that mostly sets are getting faded & with vanished glitter..but i am not in a mood of throwing these out..well i got an idea in my mind for refashioning these oldies :)
Now you have to enjoy some cheap fun ,its so easy & interesting to make this beaded bangle, so what..if the bangles are getting fade or useless, now you can refresh these with your own don’t be late in catching this simplest how-to..
Have Funnn…

DIY Bangle with Beads

DIY Bangle with Beads

This is the final look, i know its a bit simple but when you will have 6,8 bangles like this so you will feel its ok, not i commit a blunder, you can see 2,3 beads are missing,i notice this at the end but it was too late!! you must manage & arrange all before, then start your work.when i check my stash i like the turquoise color combination with silver bangle..well i start making this but the beads were not sufficient basically!!!

DIY Bangle with Beads

DIY Bangle with Beads

You will need some beads, & two oldy, faded bangles,
add the beads in elastic thread & make a bracelet type loop, then paste the both bangles with glue & when glue gets dry, you will simply fix & paste the loop over it (between both bangles curve)
So enjoy the bangle with a new look,
Within 5 minutes you will wear this bangle,,well i hope you will enjoy this idea, so dont be late in making some colorful bangles of your own style,
& if you feel its not good then…………no problem its OK..dont make any :) hahaha
I have many boring bangles & now so many ideas are flying in my mind..let me search a net gun for catching a lot of time,then i will make tutorials & then i will share more ideas that how you can refashion your old bangles into a new different look :)
Have a Fun Day!!

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    You are very creatibe khadija:) love to follow u:) do visit my blog too..

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