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Somethings are OUT Now!

In Previous weeks our house was messy because of whitewash,Specially my Craft room(so called) stuff was huge! I pack things with much effort & when my mother enter the room she said, why dont you throw these poor recycled stuff OUT..i was not feeling well at this suggestion but at the end when i saw things are not easy to handle, then I throw somethings OUT.In garbage..I will tell you which things I lost from my creations..but i can always see these on my blog sidebar & then a sigh of Huh..! :)

Somethings are OUT

Somethings are OUT

Somethings are OUT

I think I have shared this image in any previous post!

You Must believe its a Treasure!! My Textile & Fashion Designing Paper work & sketch books are so precious for me..So I always call these Treasure! But its looking like Trash! I will show you the Treasure soon!
Well I will tell you which things I have lost for-ever..

accessory hanger making DIY

accessory hanger making DIY

The ribbons were getting loose so they were not looking well!
TP Roll Wall Art DIY

TP Roll Wall Art DIY

I can make a new more better then this
foil sheet winter wreath making-recycling idea

foil sheet winter wreath making-recycling idea

spring wreath making DIY

spring wreath making DIY

I can make more any time, its so easy!
egg shells flowers ideas

egg shells flowers ideas

They Break but No chick came out *(*
TP roll recycling fall organizer DIY

TP roll fall organizer DIY

I have lost this most recent most useful fall organizer too :( I was in a mood of coloring these with poster paints!
The Chain torn the punched spot..because i was packing things hurriedly!oops!
I have saved a few Item too..so i will re-recyle these things again! I hope You will not Mind as my Mother dont like my re-recycling idea :)
I will be back again with another cool post :)

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  • Reply CREATIVE MIND November 22, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    yap true!! I was feeling bad n sad while throwing these but then i feel i can do more better too :) so now m happy! Junk is No more :)

    thanks for visiting & inviting, i will visit you soon! Have fun & enjoy my blog

  • Reply Sabrina November 23, 2011 at 12:05 am

    beautiful blog!!!i’m following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!

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