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14 things for self improvement on my birthday

14 things to focus on for self improvement on my birthday

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14 things for self improvement on my birthday

It’s my birthday today :) I am sharing some random positive thoughts. 14 things to focus on for self improvement & development on my birthday! I hope you will enjoy reading!

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s my birthday today :) This is time of the year when waking up to loads of messages is a normal thing. Seeing birthday messages flooding your phone screen is actually what makes us smile. Today is a rainy day in Islamabad, it’s raining since yesterday. We don’t have any plan to go outside for celebrating my birthday. So I thought to write a blog post instead while sitting on my couch, would you like to read?

I don’t usually celebrate my birthday but it is my loving family and super sweet friends who always come up with something fun just to celebrate my birthday. May Almighty bless them always :)

Here are a few suggestions to me from myself.. I don’t know if anyone is interested in knowing but I am writing down here so I can remind myself by reading it anytime, may be on my next birthday? Well, I need to focus on these things more! I hope you will enjoy reading.

14 things to focus on for self improvement on my birthday

1- A healthy lifestyle is most important for a healthy body & mind.

2- Organizing more can definitely help in every aspect of life. (Tidying up with Marie Kondo inspired)

3- Leaving the comfort zone can be a life changer, have courage to plan something big.

4- Be more kind to yourself and others, you never know what someone is going through in life.

5- Plan less and implement more. Too many plans usually leads to nowhere!

6- Be humble & nice to those who don’t even deserve! People are weird, learn to deal with it but nicely!

7- Peace of mind is the best thing in life, so focus on & keep it at first place always.

8- Don’t judge others & don’t care if someone judges you! You can not change others opinions so why even care about it?

9- Forgiving & forgetting is a peaceful act, sit back & let Karma (mukafat-e-amal) do it’s thing!

10- Never stop learning, adding new skills or updating skill set is always a good idea.

11- Always be grateful and recognize your worth! God created you & blessed in several ways, you are special :)

12- Keep following your passion & challenge yourself for improvement day by day.

13- Never ever give up. Stay optimistic and continue working on personal self development. Self care is the most important :)

Last but not the least..

14- Have faith in Almighty plans, indeed He is the best of planners. <3 Nothing is possible if He don’t want to while nothing is impossible if he want to <3 Keep on trusting His plans & be more content about life! Alhamdu’lillah for everything :)

There are many other things for self improvement and development keep roaming in my mind while writing this post. I need to stop writing now because there are so many things I should see right now, specially those unread texts from my dear fellow bloggers & followers on the social media which I should be replying right now.

Thank you so much for sending me your beautiful birthday wishes and prayers. Every sweet word means a lot to me. I love you all <3 Stay connected! Do let me know if you enjoyed reading my 14 things to focus on for self improvement.

Have a great day!


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