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How To Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy WallArt

Assalam Alaikum,
I am very excited to share this post Today, Its the first post on my new webpage & starting with Bismillah…the translation of this calligraphy(you can see on glass) is;

In The Name Of Allah(God), The Most Beneficent & The Most Merciful

So here my first post is starting with the Name of Allah Almighty..
I share my last tutorial post at 14 august & now its 7th September..Ooh..long time, actually I was busy during Ramadan & then Eid celebrations, that’s why I was not having much time for making a tutorial post. well Now I am back :)
My Today’s Tutorial post is in fact a sudden post, I made this tutorial by chance! 
one of my Instagram follower from Spain request me for making a gift for the marriage of his brother & sister in Pakistan. So I made these wall hangings as a work order. I feel so nice when they appreciate it a lot by saying that its much & more perfect as they were thinking :)
Now see how is my effort..

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

I made two wall hangings & these are big frames, I did glass paint calligraphy & glass mosaic on border..

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

Taking a picture of any mirror thing is not an easy job..I realize while working on this tutorial..


You will need to have;
Framed Mirror
glass paints
Led outliner
Paint brushes
For Mosaic;
Transparent Glue(modpodge/movileth German glue)
Broken glass pieces
Rubber gloves

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

I choose antique frames,golden & dark brown
I use golden outliner & trace the calligraphy design on mirror with tracing sheet.
Then I apply the led & left until dry(for a few hours)

It was the first coat of red crystal line glass paint.

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

The First coat completed :)
First of all you will have to measure the center of the mirror,then start painting. I use marker line.

The First coat & then the second coat can see the difference above!!

Here are my paintbrushes gifted by Plaid. I use one calligraphy stroke brush & one slim tip.

After Paint, mosaic work starts now!
I broke a 8mm glass piece & pick its bold pieces(be sure to wear rubber glove)
Now paste a thick layer of glue on glass as a border, start pasting glass pieces as a mosaic design!

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

Glass Paint- Islamic Calligraphy

After 24 hours the glue will be dry totally, then You will have to apply another layer of glue over glass pieces & wait a few more hours until dry. Then paint it with turquoise glass paint.

Late night I complete the work..Next morning I saw the wall hangings on my work table & I was… fact MashaAllah..

Here is the packing material & sheets with some ribbons & bows..But I forgot to take the picture of its packed look. I thought I did but when I was uploading pics from camera,there was not any gift packed image & the package was sent to them.
I hope you liked the tutorial & my work.

P.S if you want to have this glass paint for your home or gifting others, You can place your order via Contact Form or E-Mail (creativekhadija @
Thank You

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    Thank you so much everyone, my pleasure getting these words of appreciation from people all over the world. JazakAllah. I am trying my best t0 help others in learning something useful. Feel free to contact if anyone want to buy my arts & crafts :)

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