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Back To School Ideas and Crafts by Creative Khadija


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Back To School Ideas and Crafts by Creative Khadija

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great start of the week. Kids are ready and excited to go back to school these days. My both nieces will start their school from next week and I can see the excitement. They both are in pre-nursery though but enjoying the learning process and activities. During the summer vacations, we did kids crafts together which was so interesting! I will be sharing those kids crafting ideas with my nieces in a different blog post hopefully next on thee blog. Today, I am going to share a few of my back to school ideas and crafts from archives. If you are a new reader on my blog, hopefully you will enjoy seeing these posts from Creative Khadija blog archives.

Back To School Ideas and Crafts by Creative Khadija

Washi Tape Covered Pencil-Azadi Crafts Series

Washi Tape covered pencils Tutorial

how to make paper bookmarks in less than 5 minutes easy & quick tutorial

How to make bookmarks in two minutes

no sew felt fabric pencil case back to school idea

How to make felt pencil pouch

Pakistan's Independence Day Celebrations Easy Crafts Ideas

Pocket size diary with tape

planner design washi tape crafts

Washi Tape notebook cover Tutorial

Pakistan's Independence Day Celebrations Easy Crafts Ideas

Paper weight  making with collage clay

back to school ideas and crafts

Paper weight making DIY

Handmade Quilling Cards

Handmade Quilling Cards

Handmade card for teacher

All of these back to school ideas and crafts are crafted by Creative Khadija.  There are so many though but I

creative handmade bookmarks for sale by Creative Khadija Blog

Handmade bookmarks with felt fabric

How to make handmade butterfly bookmarks paper crafts

Bookmarks making with scrapbook paper


Duct Tape flower pencil DIY

pistachio shells crafts ideas and tutorial

Pistachio coaster making

diy leather pouch with glitter

DIY Pencil pouch for kids

back to school handmade bookmarks

Hand painted Boomarks Making

how to make paper document files for students and teachers

How to make and decorate paper document files




back to school creative ideas and organizing solutions

Back To School Ideas in  Creative Collection

I hope you enjoyed all of these easy and quick kids  crafts ideas for back to school. As it’s the last week before school starting, so enjoy crafting time with your kids. Also let me know if you tried any of my idea/tutorial. I would love to see your version of Back To School Ideas and Crafts.

Happy crafting you all :)


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