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75+ Eid Mehndi-Henna Designs for Girls

beautiful new unique mehndi designs for girls eid 2016

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75+ Eid Mehndi-Henna Designs for Girls

Hey dear girls, Happy Eid ul Fitar 2016 in advance. Tomorrow is the Eid day. Any festival, any special occasion is incomplete without Henna-Mehndi. Being a girl, the best part about any occasion is applying Mehndi while sitting together with your girls. I look forward to Eid all year, Just so I can rock my favorite Henna designs. If you are not sure what Henna design would you be applying, or the Internet is full of designs and you can’t decide which one to apply this Eid. Here are some of my personal favorite Henna designs, recommended for you all. I hope you will easily decide one for Eid day tomorrow.

75+ Eid Mehndi-Henna Designs for Girls

Eid mehndi designs for girls

Mehndi Henna For Hands

simple mehndi design 2016

This very simple Mehndi design is very easy to carry.

 mehndi designs for hands 2016

This Mehndi design is perfect for those ladies who like thick henna designs.

mehndi design for eid 2016

A very effortless Mehndi design to rock this Eid.

henna design for hands 2016

This detailed Henna design is truly a piece of art for Eid.

mehndi design for eid

This plain and simple Henna design is for those girls who just want a touch of Henna on their hands.

henna design for eid

This beautiful Henna design will look great with any Eid dress.

mehndi design 2016 1

Similar designs of Arabic Mehndi are very in these days.

henna designs for eid

This beautiful Henna design will look perfect on every woman.

mehndi design for hands eid 2016

This beautiful vine and floral Mehndi design is very appropriate for Eid.

mehndi designs for eid 1

This elegant Henna design will further intensify the beauty of your hands.

henna design for eid 2016

This vine and floral Mehndi design is very easy for beginners.

mehndi design for hands 1

This simple yet elegant Henna design will make you want to try it this Eid.

mehndi design eid 2016 2

If you love accessorising your fingers with multiple rings, try this Mehndi design this Eid instead.

stylish mehndi design for eid

If you dig plain Mehndi designs or are a newbie to applying Mehndi, this design is just for you.

fingers mehndi design for eid

This is another very simple and tempting Henna design for finger rings lovers.

traditional mehndi design for eid

This Henna design is perfect for those who love traditional Henna designs.

traditional tikki mehndi design

If you like the original plain Tikki Mehndi design, you will definitely love this modern take on that traditional design.

net style mehndi design

This another very modern net style Henna design is perfect for modern girls.

curved mehndi design for eid

Anyone would love to try this elegant curved Mehndi design for Eid.

Mehndi Henna For Feet

mehndi design on feet

This anklet style Mehndi design will look beautiful for Eid.

henna design for feet

This elegant Henna design on feet with beads and glitter is perfect for brides.

detailed mehndi design for feet

This is very easy and quick to do detailed Mehndi design for feet.

simple henna design for eid

This simple yet pretty Mehndi design is perfect for those girls who like wearing high Capri trousers.

plain mehndi design for feet

This Mehndi design is perfect for those who want a little bit of something on their feet.

full feet indian mehndi design

This full covered feet Indian Mehndi design is just for the brides.

feet mehndi design for eid

If you have to apply Mehndi to multiple people this Eid, this simple Mehndi design for feet is quick to do.

bridal mehndi design for eid

If you are a bride to be or just like heavy Mehndi design for Eid, this will look beautiful on your feet.


This pretty traditional feet Henna design is wearable for Eid or any other occasion.

complex feet henna design

This Henna design looks very detailed and complex ,in fact, it is very easy to create it.

simple henna design for feet

Anyone can rock this easy to do Henna design for feet this Eid.

tikki mehndi design for feet

If you love tikki inspired Mehndi Design, this feet Henna design is just for you.

net and traditional mehndi design

This net design inspired traditional Mehndi design will look great for Eid.

delicate feet mehndi design

This delicate feet Mehndi design with glitter and beads is perfect for Eid.

bridal henna design for feet

This bridal Mehndi design is very detailed and requires a lot of effort, but the outcome is beautiful.

detailed full feet mehndi design

This Mehndi design is very neat and detailed, and you can easily cover your whole feet with it.

mughal inspired feet mehndi design

If you like Mehndi designs with fine details, you will definitely love this  Mughal inspired Henna design.

dot style feet henna design

This dot style Henna design will look amazing on your feet for Eid.

simple tikki style mehndi design for eid

This another very simple and easy to do tikki style Mehndi design will look great with heels on Eid.

simple anklet mehndi design for eid

This anklet style Henna design with glitter will take you little to no time to apply this on your feet this Eid.

Bridal Mehndi-henna Designs

traditional bridal mehndi design

This heavy traditional Mehndi design is perfect for brides.

heavy bridal feet mehndi

This heavy Mehndi design is perfect for brides who like heavy feet Henna design.

mughal style bridal mehndi

This Mughal inspired Mehndi design look very cute for brides, specially when you can draw images of bride and groom in the design.

heavy floral bridal mehndi design

This floral and vine Bridal Mehndi design is suitable for all brides, since the details will increase the beauty of hands.

indian heavy bridal mehndi

This detailed Mughal Indian Mehndi design will look extra beautiful on your wedding day with intriguing details.

traditional tikki style mehndi

This traditional tikki style bridal Mehndi design is the go to design for many brides.

simple bridal mehndi

This simple bridal Henna design is for brides, who like plain simple designs.

traditional full hand bridal mehndi

This traditional full hand bridal Henna design is suitable for brides, who like covering their whole hand with Henna.

tikki feet bridal mehndi

This tikki bridal feet Henna would look great with any tikki style hand Henna design.

elegant arabic style henna design

This equal mix of Indian and Arabic style Bridal mehndi is great for brides who like a mix of both.

bridal vine hand mehndi

This beautiful vine style Mehndi with beads and glitter details will look great on your wedding.

traditional feet mehndi

This detailed tikki style Mehndi will make as a perfect Mehndi design for a traditional bride.

simple and neat arabic mehndi

This neat and simple Henna design is for those brides, who like simple Mehndi designs.

traditional pakistani bridal mehndi

A beautiful traditional Pakistani Henna design for a traditional bride.

arabic bridal mehndi

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi design for brides who prefer Arabic designs.

bold indian bridal mehndi

A very easy to do bold Indian bridal Henna design with loads of studs and beads.

basic bridal henna

This very basic tikki style bridal Henna design will look good on brides that like simplicity.

simple accessorised bridal mehndi

Keeping this simple design in mind, you can accessories any simple bridal Mehndi design with heavy jewellery.

beautiful side bridal mehndi

Elegant and effortless bridal Mehndi design on one side of hands amplifies the beauty of your hands.

simple tikki style glitter mehndi

Another basic and favorite design of brides, the tikki Mehndi design made beautiful with the use of glitter and rings.

All the above images source is Google & pinterest. None of them are mine. Below Mehndi designs are mine, Have a look :

I am going to add some Mehndi design I have done myself. In case you missed any of these posts, you can find them in archives or click the name link under each picture to directly go to their respective posts.

eid mubarak beautiful eid henna design

A very simple and easy to do Eid Al Adha Mubarak Henna Design.

mehndi henna designs eid 2015

A very easy and floral Eid Mubarak Henna Mehndi Design.

mehndi henna tattoo designs

Floral and vines design for Eid Day Mehndi Designs.

mehndi designs

Another arch and floral Henna Mehndi Design by me.

mehndi henna on hands

Vines and floral inspired Creative Henna Design.

Here are some from my archives,

beautiful mehndi designs for Eid & wedding

Mehndi Henna Designs for Eid

Eid mehndi designs for girls

I hope you will enjoy all of these designs. Now you girls are ready to follow any design at chaand raat. Sit together with your girls & open my webpage for all the mehndi henna designs inspiration. If you want to save the post, Share on your social networks with your friends. Use the sidebar sharing buttons & share the post.

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Have a Great Day!

Thank You.


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