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Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015

creative khadija recap of the year 2015

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Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015

Before saying Good Bye to this wonderful year 2015, I would like to share a crafty recap of whole year of Creative Khadija blog posts & creativity! So if anyone missed any article or DIY idea, They can get it again via this yearly roundup. I usually share 6 months round up articles as well. You can get my all previous 5 years blog posts round ups as well. It’s always interesting to arrange all your top posts at one place as well. I hope you will like to see Creative Khadija Recap of the Year 2015 now! So have a look below,

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015

creative khadija recap of the year 2015

January 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015

Photography Tips & Tricks

Graffiti Wall Art

Egg Carton Flowers DIY

Washi Tape Purse

Graffiti WallArt

February 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015DIY Heartistic Gift Pack

Refashion A Shirt with Rhinestones

Collage Clay Embellished container DIY

March 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015DIY Glitter Key KeyChain

DIY Glass Paint Planter

DIY Clutch Refashion

April 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015Colorful Wall Art Painting Tutorial

Miniature Glass Painting

Nail Art DIY

5th Blogversary of Creative Khadija Blog

May 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015Memory Board-Polaroid Hanger DIY

Calligraphy Lettering Wall Art DIY

Creative Khadija Craft Room Roundup

June 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015Henna Style Design Gift Box DIY

Crepe Paper Flowers Making DIY

Anthro Inspired Chevron Mug DIY

July 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015 septemberHow I maintain balance between my work & life

Instagram Clay Pendant DIY

Organize Cords & Cables idea

Henna Mehndi Design

Pistachio & Collage Clay flower pot DIY

Creative Collections Mehndi & Card Making ideas

August 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015 septemberInstagram Polaroid Wall Art

Clay Flag Making

DIY iPhone Pouch

Recycled Bottle Decoration

September 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015 september

Craft Table Sneak Peek

Laces & Embellishment

Instagram Clay Pendant Making

DIY Ladybug Pebble

Gift Box designed with Washi Tape

Henna Tattoo Design on hand

Creative Collections DIY Monogram Wall Art, Organizing Ideas, Hajj & Eid Craft Ideas

October 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015 novemberCollage Clay & Mirrors Embellished Mug

Pink Ribbon Mug Decore

Diary Decoupage DIY

Glitter Bottle Planter DIY

November 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015Tips & tricks on how to increase Blog Traffic

Corn Husk Flowers Making Idea

Pakistani Truck Art Miniature

Autumn Photography Clicks

December 2015

Creative Khadija Recap Of The Year 2015Islamic Calligraphy Wall Art

Glass Paint Mosaic Wall Art

Washi Tape Designed Table

Handmade Business Cards Making

December Photography

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Got the recap? Okay! Now some random ramblings & updates!

2015 was one of the best year of my life as well as my blogging & business life. It was super busy too but I think a positive & busy life is always the best. This year my business sales increased magically Alhamdulillah! Because of busy schedule with handmade/fashion/textile business, I thought to take break from blog but I am kinda addicted to this blogging life. I can not stay away from my blog :) So I am here!

I am thankful to everyone in my life. I can never be successful without help & support of these caring & helping people. My family, friends, blog readers, my clients & customers, blog advertisers & specially those silent well wishers who are always there for me when I want. I also want to Thanks those who underestimate me & always jealous of me! They are basically a source of motivation behind my success! haha..

Anyways, This is called a really Successful & Blessed Life. Alhamdulillah. Thousand bunches times thankful to God Almighty! He blessed me whatever I want in my life, He skipped magically what I don’t like to have in my life. That’s why I consider myself a Lucky person. Isn’t it awesome?

Life is all about doing what you want to do & being passionate towards your work, setting goals & then achieving those successfully. Be sure to have a strong connection with God Almighty, HE is the one who can turn around any situation in your life! If you are up right now, who knows the next moment else Him. On the other hand, If you are having down moments, You never know whats amazingly upcoming in your life next. So always be optimistic. Be Thankful to everyone & specially God Almighty! Do good & you will get more good otherwise vise versa..! Be careful about it :)

My random ramblings are going on & on, So what about you now, How was your year 2015? How was your blogging experience this year? Do you have goals set for 2016? I would like to know how is your journey going! I wish you all a really happy & successful upcoming year!

Let me know if you want to see any improvement on my blog. If you know me personally, You can suggest anything to improve (you can write anonymously if you want). I always enjoy positive criticism against my work & self. I don’t mind, So feel free to do it!

Have a wonderful year 2016. I wish you all loads of success & happiness!

Thanks for reading!

Khadija ~


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