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Recap Of The Year 2016

recap of the year 2017 blog creativekhadija


Recap Of The Year 2016

Hey dear friends, 2016 is almost over now. It’s the time when I share a recap of my blog posts & activities. In case any of my dear reader missed some blog post throughout the year, They can check it again! In fact this recap helps me in reviewing my own creativity & crafts.

Sometimes I recap 6 months posts & sometimes after the whole year. I was very busy with some projects in June & was unable to make a review post, So here it is whole year long recap post. Year 2016 was one of the best year of my life Alhamdulillah. My blog & business life went too good during this year. I had some great collaborations with wonderful people, blogs & brands. So much fun & lots of success by the grace of Almighty God. Have a look at review!

January is always amazing, guess why? Because it’s my birthday month.. haha, Just kidding! January is amazing because I love winter the most. Staying cozy on a couch in the evening with a coffee mug & a book is the best part of my winter afternoon routine.

Anyways, Have a look at recap of the year now!

January 2016

recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

How To Make Alphabet Charms With Mod Podge

How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers Wreath

Design A Plain Clock with Washi Tape

And if you want to see my My Coffee Work Table Essentials.

February 2016

recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

DIY Pistachio Shell Art

DIY Ribbon Weaved Pillow Cushions

Coconut Panjeeri Recipe

Decoupage Old Table with Mod Podge

If you want to read the funny interview of Khabees Orat

March 2016

recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

DIY Wedding or Party Props

DIY Duct Tape Crafts

Other blog posts :

Random Bits of Creativity Craft Room

Spring Enjoy Fresh Buds Nature Clicks

My Top 10 Favourite Photography Clicks at Instagram

April 2016

creative recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

DIY Wall Art Inspired by Truck Art

DIY Using Crepe Paper & Modge Podge

DIY Polaroid Print Wall Art

And my blog turned 6 years old in April month.

Creative Khadija Blogversary & Giveaway

May 2016

creative recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

DIY Wooden Tiles with Duct Tape

Glass Paint Islamic Calligraphy Art

Other blog posts :

Handmade Card Making Project

Spring Rose Flower Photography

My Childhood Treasure Box

June 2016

creative recap of the year 2016

Card Making Ideas :

Handmade Eid & Birthday Card

Paper Quilling Cards Making Ideas

Handmade Glitter Cards

Others :

41 Best Ramadan Recipes for Sahoor & Iftaar

Handmade Bangles & Bracelets for Eid

A Story Every Blogger Should Read

July 2016

creative recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

DIY Miniature Match Box Drawer

DIY Decoupage Box Scrapbook Paper

DIY Texture Paper Cards

Others :

EID Sweet Dishes and Yummy Recipes

75+ Henna Designs for Girls

Happy Friday & Eid Henna Design

21+ Beautiful Hijab & Scarf Wearing Ideas

August 2016

creative recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

Tin Can Azaadi Crafts

Washi Tape Covered Pencils

DIY Green Shimmer Bangles

Kids Pocket Size Diary

Paper Weight Making Ideas

DIY Pakistani Flag Pouch

creative recap of the year 2016

How To Apply Sticker Wall Decal

How To Nail Art with Washi Tape

Others :

Back To School Organizing Ideas

23+ EID & Hajj Craft Ideas

September 2016

creative recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

How To Decoupage Corner Shelf

How To Make Bookmarks

Others :

23 EID Al Adha Best Recipes

Eid Al Adha 2016

October 2016

creative recap of the year 2016

DIY Customized Clay Ring

Others :

Fall & Halloween Crafts for Kids

Fashion Lehnga Design Project

My Craft Space Sneak Peak

November 2016

creative recap of the year 2016

DIYs :

DIY Pop Art Abstract Wall Art

NFAK Pop Art Abstract Wall Art

Others :

30+ Best Chicken & Vegetable Soup Recipes

Islamic Glass Painting Calligraphy

December 2016

DIYs :

handmade cards and crafts tutorials

DIY Glass Jar Decoration

Handicrafts Of Pakistan

How to make Mixed media cards

Besides all these DIY, tutorials & creative updates. Here are some other popular categories I’ve shared this year.

Creative Collections Articles

Hadees & Islamic Articles

A big fat thank you to all my wonderful sponsors, affiliates & brands I have been collaborating during year 2016.

My Wonderful Sponsors Posts

Creative Khadija blog Sponsors 2016
Creative Khadija blog Sponsors 2016
creative khadija blog sponsors 2016

I like this click I’ve captured of my business card.

creative khadija pakistani blogger

While composing this blog post, I realize one thing, This year I have shared less DIYs & Tutorials. There are 2,3 tutorials only per month. Which sounds not so good to me. I had lots of other projects & because of that other work load my passion for sharing creative ideas & tutorials ignored. For 2017, I will try to manage my work & passion more well. Crafting is my first priority as it makes me so happy & relax. I have a lot of unfinished projects which I am planning to complete. I want to giveaway my handmade goodies. oh and my craftroom, It still need some renovation.

Here it is an important new year resolution I wanted to share, My goal is to help everyone even more, in every possible way. I am trying my best. Helping others makes me so happy.

As one of the Holy Hadees of Prophet Muhammad says : “Make things easy for the people and do not make things difficult for them.” So I will be trying to make others life easy with my help.

creative khadija blog recap 2016

I hope you enjoyed this year long recap journey article! I wish you all a very happy & successful 2017. May this year bring lots of goodness & joys to your life. Be sure to remember me in your precious prayers. I have plans & ideas for the year 2017. Let’s see how the year meet our expectations :)

Have a fantastic year ahead. Lots of well wishes from my side.

Thank You.

Khadija ~

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I am Khadija, a girl blogger & content creator. I started this blog in 2010. It's pleasure sharing interesting stuff related to art, fashion, food, and lifestyle. You can enjoy my 400+ DIYs on this blog. I also sell my handmade arts. Stay tuned to see a lot more interesting stuff.



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